Should I uninstall McAfee before installing Avast?

This is a very common question asked by the internet and system users around the world who also use security software in order to keep their systems safe from all types of malware, spyware Trojans and viral attacks. The answer to this confusion is yes the user needs to uninstall McAfee from the system if it is there before installing Avast.

A user will never be able to get Avast antivirus installed on his or her system if some other software is already working on the system. Also, the user gets to face a lot of issues if he or she tries to run more than one security software on the system at the same time. The various issues and errors that can occur in such a scenario are as follows –

• False detections
• System instability
• Sluggish running of the software as well as the system.

Other then these a lot of other technical issues can also crop up eventually as both the software will work simultaneously towards the security of the system. Therefore it is advisable that the user gets McAfee uninstalled in order to get Avast installed on the system smoothly, or if there is Avast installed on the system and the user wants McAfee then in that case Avast should be uninstalled.

If in case the user is stuck with the uninstalling process then in that case it is advisable that the user follows the below given steps –

• Click “start” then in the window that appears enter “program and features”
• Search for McAfee in the list that appears
• Right click on it as you locate it in the list
• Then from the options that appear click “uninstall.”

Once the user gets McAfee uninstalled then he can easily get Avast antivirus installed for that the user should follow the below given steps-

• Log in windows with admin permissions
• Get the Avast security set up file downloaded
• If Prompted “user account control dialog box” then click “yes” or to “ continue”
• In order to get the set up language changed click on the current language at the top right corner of the screen then click “install”
• Wait for the set up to install
• Then click “continue”
• Review privacy policy and click “continue”
• Close the screen
• As the network gets detected then select a firewall mode.

If you need guidance over any other issue or need clearance for any other doubt then ask help from the trained experts.