Can I use Avast on more than one computer?

Avast antivirus is running in the market as one of the security providing software from a time period of more than 30 years now. Over the years this software has earned for itself great reputation. This reputation has been earned on the basis of the easy to use features and also on the basis of its user friendly design.

But, being a technical product even if at some point this software gets you into any technical glitch or error then you can turn to the trained and skilled panel of experts sitting at Avast support number UK. The issue will be given the easiest and the earliest resolution. The experts are capable enough to handle all the problems be it related to installation or any other technical problem that the user finds himself stuck into.

However here in this blog we will discuss how a user can use one antivirus software on more than one computer for that –

• First of all one needs to inset the one license key obtained into each and every machine that is to be used.
• Then sign in to the Avast UI from the main account to which all the machines have to report.
• In "My Avast" you will get to see information regarding each and every machine that you will link with the antivirus.

If in case you have stopped using one system and have switched to another and you wish to use the same antivirus on that then for that all you need to do is transferring of the software to the system on which you now work –

For transferring the antivirus one should follow the following steps –

• Uninstall Avast from the previous system
• Go to Avast official website and log in your "My Avast account"
• Go to devices from the list that appears click your previous system name
• Click settings button
• Click "delete from account" , click "ok" to confirm
• Install the antivirus on the PC in operation
• Get the antivirus activated on that system

If still there is any problem or confusion with the regard to the procedure or if there is any other issue related to Avast that is to be fixed then connect to the experts sitting at the help desk they can be reached at Avast Refund number UK.