Changing and Renewal process of Avast Subscription

Avast Antivirus is a well-known security program that is known for its excellent performance for providing protection from virus, Trojans, and adware. This antivirus software is specifically designed to provide complete protection to your system against online threats. It not only scans and detects the viruses but also enhances the performance of your PC.

To get complete protection, it is important to subscribe to your Avast antivirus. This software has real-time shields which will check the Internet connection which you are using and also scans all files in your computer at the same time. If you are facing any glitch while scanning process, then it is advisable to get connected with experts for resolution at Avast Helpline UK.

Let’s talk about the renewal process of Avast Subscription:

To renew the antivirus subscription, first, visit the official page and then click on the Avast application that you want to renew

• After that, select the option to choose the best plan for you such as one year, two years or three years.
• The user can also choose an option to purchase the renewal program for multiple systems by click on ‘More PCs’ option.
• Now choose the number of systems and the duration of the license. Click on the ‘Add to cart’ option after that place the order for Avast Subscription
• You will be asked for your personal information that contains an email address and the contact information to complete the payment process
• You can also dine the payment process through debit or credit card
• After completion of the payment, you will receive a confirmation mail by this antivirus support team for the complete information of the order you placed
• Now, open the email and store the attached files on the hard disk.
• Then, go to the system and click on the small arrow that appears close to the clock in the taskbar
• The user needs to right-click on the Avast image to choose the ‘Subscription Information’.
• In the end, click on the ‘Insert License File’ and then go to the file which has the license file.
• Through these simple methods, you can easily renew your antivirus subscription.

Cancellation procedure of Avast Subscription:

To cancel the Avast subscription, it is advisable to click on the three-dash Menu icon that appears in the top-left corner of the screen

• After that select the Account from the appeared list
• Then, click on Subscriptions and then tap on Cancel that appears just below the Avast subscription
• Again, tap on Cancel Subscription to confirm the cancellation

Hope, through the help of these methods you can easily cancel and renew your subscription. But, if in case you are facing any issue then it is advisable to get connected with technical experts at Avast Helpline UK. The technical team will always there for you to resolve the problem. Not only cancellation or subscription but if you have any other glitch regarding this security software then the team will figure it out in the shortest time frame.