How to run Avast Antivirus Scanner for virus scanning?

Avast Antivirus is known for its excellent protection and comes with outstanding features that offer comprehensive protection against viruses, malware, and online threats. It has the capability to scan your device against the virus. Avast comes with an Online Scanner that is easy to use, fast and reliable online anti-virus scanner which can safeguard your device from viruses, malware, and threats for free of cost. It is known for its effective performance and speed.

It is built from the advanced protection to offer the best possible protection and implement all technology from award-winning “Avast” dedicated desktop applications. The online service will take seconds to accept your file and check it for all possible security threats. In this guide, we will discuss the procedure to run Avast Antivirus Scanner for virus scanning step by step.

Why Avast Is Known For Ultimate System Security?

Smart Scan:

Smart Scan is a complete scan that detects browser threats, hidden viruses, outdated applications and other errors at the same time.

Run a Smart Scan

• First of all, open the Avast user interface and then, select Protection > Virus Scans
• Now, click on Run Smart Scan
• Wait when Smart Scan scans your PC for the outdated applications, browser threats, hidden viruses, and malware as well as other advanced issues. Now, click on Stop Scan at any time to get the scan paused
• If no errors are found and click Next to complete the process

Boot-Time Scan:

This scan provides an excellent feature that can find any viruses and malware on your device before it even boots. It is called a Boot-Time scan and it works great even with the advanced Windows 10 release. Well, we see technically, Boot-time scan performs before the Windows are loaded, so it doesn’t provide malware any chance to hide. It is recommended to run a full boot-time scan at least once in a month to make sure that your computer is clean.

Run Boot-Time Scan

• First of all, open the Avast user interface
• Go to Protection > Antivirus
• After that, select your scan type that is listed below:
• Click on Run Smart Scan or Run Full Virus Scan from the antivirus screen
• Click on the other scans and then click on scan tile which you want to run

After doing this, you will see a progress screen that is shown during the scanning procedures on PC. Once the scan completed then you can check your scan results.

Schedule a scan:

You can schedule a particular scan to run at a time that is convenient for you. For scheduling a scan, follow the given steps:

• First of all, open the Avast user interface and then,
• Go to Protection > Antivirus
• Click on the clock icon that appears on the relevant scan tile. You can schedule a full virus scan and click on Other Scans to schedule additional san types
• Tick on Schedule this scan and use the drop-down menu to check if you want the scan to run on just one time like Once, Periodically (Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

For managing your scanning preferences for the following settings, follow the given steps:

Do not run the scan if running on batteries: checkmark to ignore schedule settings if your PC isn’t connected to a power source

Pause the scan of the batteries mode starts: checkmark to pause the scan if your PC is detached from its power source (charger)

Turn your system down after the scan completed: check to automatically turn your PC off after the scanning procedure

• Set the time which you want the scan to run in 24-hour format and choose a day from the drop-down menu
• Now, click on Ok to save your schedule settings

Before ending, it is important to know that the Boot-time Scan cannot be scheduled to run constantly. To schedule a Boot-time Scan to run at the next system reboot, choose the Boot-time scan tile and click Run on the next PC reboot. To know more about running and scheduling a boot-time scan, just reach the technical experts by just calling on Avast Support Number UK and get instant and reliable help. The teams are always there to help you in resolving the problem.