Is antivirus required for the latest version of android?

Nowadays, India is also growing vastly to design different mobile phones. There are so many features that come with the Android phone. Not only features but from price to function and appearance, this information will help you to choose the best-suited phone for you.Apart from this, when it comes to function and performance, then mobile security is something that must be evaluated.

Android is considered less secure because they perform on open-source code. It means the user can play around with the settings to get them adjusted as per their wish. Unluckily, doing this can cause a weakness in the device and make them prone to malware and virus.Now, the question raises, is antivirus required for the latest android version. Well, the answer is “NO”.

Because the mobile companies not only making phone but they have been also indulged in developing different effective and well-performing in-built antivirus software for the phones. If you do not give your phone tor random users that may install apps on your phone without permission, then your phone is completely safe.

And if you are allowing those apps then the in-built feature will scan them and then notify you if those are safe for your phone or not.

While Androids have some built-in safety features through which they prevent malware and viruses.

• Security and Software Updates:
Android comes with an amazing feature that provides new security and software updates for Android devices. It is advisable to keep your play-store and all other apps updated. Google Play Protect will help to scan your apps and device for harmful behavior.

• Apps Permission:
There is an app permission feature is located under the Apps & Notification menu that allows you to see which apps have permission to access the features of your phone. From here, you can control the apps of your microphone, location, camera, and private information.

• Safe and Secure Browsing:
The Android devices come with a “Safe Browsing” mode that is an in-built feature that is enabled by default. When you are using Google Chrome, it will alert you before entering a suspicious site. As long as your Android and Chrome are updated to the latest versions, this feature will start working to protect you from malicious sites.

Through these in-built features, you don’t need any antivirus software. And if in case, you want to enhance the performance of your device then update your phone from time to time.