How to fix Avast Error Code 42006?

Avast antivirus is the best security software that is designed specifically to provide comprehensive protection to your device. Sometimes, you experience an error with your Avast antivirus in which 42006 is one of them. You can solve this error by calling the Avast Technical Support and also by following a few steps given in this guide. When this error code occurs then, you will not be able to use this software on your device and therefore, your device goes under danger.

Causes for Avast Error 42006

• You can experience this error code because of an incomplete and corrupted Avast installation
• Also, you might face this issue due to a virus or malware attack
• You can also face this error due to corruption in the registry entry
• If another program maliciously deleted the Avast linked files

 How to fix Avast Error Code 42006?

When knowing the causes then, have a look and focus on the resolution to fix this error on your own

Step 1: Close conflicting program

Step 2: Then, update or reinstall conflict programs

You can also try to update or reinstall the conflicting software to fix the same issue on your own. After that, reinstall the programs by using the Control Panel. When done, then it is recommended to update the program

Step 3: Reinstall Runtime Libraries

Step 4: Run Disk Cleanup

This error also occurs when your device is loaded with junk, in that case, clean the system’s junk by using Disk Cleanup like cleanmgr tool

Step 5: Update your virus protection software program

You should prevent your system from virus attack and update virus program and then, scan your computer and when done then, reboot your device

Step 6: Reinstall your graphics driver

Step 7: Install the available Windows Update

When you are done with the above-given steps, then you can use Avast again on your device. Make sure to use strong and stable internet connection to avoid the issue in the future.