How to get the resolution of Avast Error 3?

Avast antivirus is the best security software that secures your PC against viruses, threats, and other malware. It gets you stuck with an error code 3 and you can fix this error code on your own by following a few steps given in this guide. Follow the fixing steps to get the resolution of Avast Error 3.

How to get the resolution of Avast Error 3?

Solution 1: Change the DNS which you are using to Google

DNS Settings are one of the most important internet connection settings which you can pull regarding your network connection. The DNS address is obtained by default automatically but you always can enter the address which you want to use. It is highly suggested to use the Google DNS address which is available for free and which has helped several of the users solve the Avast Update ‘Unknown Error’

Solution 2: Reset Internet Explorer Settings

Reset Internet Explorer Settings and if you are using Internet Explorer or not. The Internet Explorer settings are related to all proxy, DNS, and connection settings that should be reset to prevent the Avast update “Unknown error” from showing on your PC again.

Solution 3: Add a Firewall Exception for the Updater

If you are using a third-party firewall then, it is recommended to turn it off and then, disable Avast Firewall and then, re-enable it.

Solution 4: Conduct a Clean Installation of Avast

There are almost no issues that cannot be resolved with a simple clean install that will delete all files, registry entries, and any leftovers with a special utility made by Avast specifically for such purposes. This method is highly useful and you should definitely use it as a last resort when receiving this error.

The above-given steps are easy to follow and call on Avast Helpdesk Support UK to get in touch with the experts for instant help if you are facing any issue while conducting these steps.