How to setup Avast setup free download for Windows 8.1?

Avast antivirus is an excellent antivirus software which is effective in protecting your laptop or PC as well as network devices such as routers as well as access points from your home network from external hackers and attackers. The solution can examine the advanced and strongest malware and viruses and keep your devices safe and secure.


It also allows protecting you when browsing the internet just by eliminating the popups and add-ons of the browsers. Avast will also keep your home network safe and secure by finding the security breaches as well as weak points therefore you will be able to react in real-time. Let’s move ahead with the steps to setup Avast free download for windows 8.1 in easy and simple steps.

How to setup Avast setup free download for Windows 8.1?

• First of all, open Avast’s website and go to avast.com in your browser. Avast’s website will decide the operating system of your computer as it opens • Now, click on Download Free Antivirus and it will appear orange option in the middle of the page and it will take you to the download page where Avast will choose the correct file for your computer • Wait for Avast to start downloading and Avast’s setup file should download automatically onto your PC after across 5 seconds on the download page • Now, open the Avast setup-file and double-click on the Avast EXE file or the Avast DMG file and it will open the setup window • Follow the prompts to install Avast and its process depends on whether you have a Windows or a Mac PC • Then, open Avast and if Avast doesn’t open quickly after installing, double-click its icon on the Windows desktop and alternatively, you can just click on the Start menu and type avast into Start, and after that, click on the “Avast Free Antivirus” app icon in the Start menu • Click on the Status tab that appears in the upper-left corner of the Avast window • Now, click on the Run Smart Scan and this green button has appeared in the middle of the Avast window. When you do this, Avast will ask you to start scanning your PC for available viruses, malware as well as other threats.

Wait for the scan to finish as given that Avast scans your entire computer, the scan might take various minutes to various hours. If Avast detects any threats, it will quarantine and then, remove them from your PC. When the scan is finished, then you can rest that your PC is free of malware or threats

The advanced version of the most-trusted security in the world is ready, and it is completely free. Avast Free Antivirus protects more than 220 million people, mobile, devices, and businesses across the world. It uses multiple layers of security to keep you safe from even the advanced and never before seen threats.

When you set up Avast on your device then, you will be able to get comprehensive protection with the help of Avast's latest security tools and features that are given below.

Features and Highlights

Browser Cleanup

Helps to remove irritating browser toolbars or extensions and then, restore your hacked search browser

Software Updater

It is effective in updating your important software to enhance the overall security as well as the condition of your PC

Designed for effortless security

With just a click on a fresh, new, easy-to-use interface examines everything from your passwords t your home security of the network

Game Mode

Game Mode now renamed with Do Not Disturb that blocks the distracting ads and pop-ups while you are playing the game, presenting in full screen, or watching movies

Behaviour Shield

It doesn’t check your applications for malware and it now keeps an eye on their behavior to ensure that they don’t suddenly go, rogue,


It automatically sends suspicious files for checking in the cloud and send a cure to the Avast users if there is a threat

Inspection for Wi-Fi

Automatically detect weakness in your home Wi-Fi as well as a stranger just piggybacking on your Internet Network

Smart Scan

It is helpful in searching all those cracks and breaks that allow the malware to come in, from unsafe settings as well as passwords to out-dated program r suspicious add-ons or pop-ups.

These are a few outstanding features that you will get while installing Avast on your device. Call Avast Support UK in case if you are facing any issue while installing this security software. This software is designed specifically for protecting your device against advanced viruses and malware.