How to uninstall Avast safe zone browser?

Avast is antivirus software that has a lot of technical aspects to be handled starting from the installation procedure going up to uninstalling, reinstalling, activation, virus scanning and many more. These technical aspects do need proper technical guidance if in case the user is not from proper technical background or if the user does not have sound technical knowledge. For that proper technical guidance it is advisable that the user gets connected to the technical team and gets the issue resolved as per his or her requirements.

One can easily get connected to the technical team at Avast Phone Number UK. The lines are kept open 24*7. All the issues are resolved in the best way possible. However here in this blog we will discuss how a user can uninstall Avast safe zone browser.

A user should follow the below given steps in order to get the browser uninstalled from the system :

1- On the set up page hit the customize button you will find it below the install button
2- Then on the next page all the additional components will be displayed that will be installed on the system by Avast
3- Search for Avast safe zone browser and uncheck it
4- If in case you need any other component to be stopped from installing then you can uncheck that too.

The above given procedure will block the installation of the web browser.

If this procedure doesn’t help then the person should follow another procedure for that he or she should follow the below given steps :

1- Open control panel 2- Then select "control panel home" from the screen that appears select "uninstall a program" 3- Right click "Avast free antivirus" then click change on the page that opens search for safe zone browser and uncheck the box next to it.

For any further guidelines if required over the procedure or if there is any other issue related to Avast antivirus then connects to the technician at Avast Help Number UK.