What are the resolutions for Avast Error 0xC06D007E?

Avast antivirus is the best security software for complete protection. This antivirus software comes with a major error code 0xC06D007E due to which it stops protecting your device. Below given is the quick resolution step for this error code.

1. Reinstall the Software Causing the Errors

• Click on Start > Run and type “appwiz.cpl” and then, press Enter
• Choose the program from the list and click on “Remove” (for XP) or “Uninstall” (for Vista and Windows 10) option
• It is essential that you should restart your computer after completing the removal process. To re-install the program, insert the CD/DVD installer onto your optical drive or run the file installer from your hard drive.

What are the resolutions for Avast Error 0xC06D007E?

2. Setup another “DWORD Setting” for the Broken Software

• Click on Start > Run and then, type “regedit” in the box which looks, and then click on Ok or press Enter
• Inside the left pane of the registry, navigate to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Citrix/CtxHook
• AppInit_Dlls/Multiple Monitor Hook
• Right-click on the open space in the right pane and click on New> Dword Value
• For the name of the Dword value, you have just added, but the executable name of the broken software. For instance, if the program you are trying to resolve is Dreamweaver, provide the Dword value a “dreamweaver.exe” name.
• Enter a value of “0” for the Dword and close the registry
• Restart your PC for the changes to take effect

3. Clean Out the Registry

Download this Registry Cleaner

The “registry” is part of Windows which contains the settings and options for all programs and files. The errors inside the registry are caused by damaged registry keys and should be repaired. You can clean out the errors inside the registry by using a “registry cleaner” which can effectively scan your system and repair the detected errors. Call on Avast Toll-free Support Number to get instant help regarding the resolution from the technical teams. The teams are available all the time to help you in any manner they can.