What is the easy way to fix Avast Error 42120?

Avast antivirus is not just a security software but it is also the best way to enhance the performance of the device. This software is known for its security tools that are effective enough to fight against advanced viruses and malware. It comes with technical glitches too, in which 42120 is one of them. In this guide, we will discuss the exact troubleshooting step to fix this issue shortly.

What is the easy way to fix Avast Error 42120?

Repair and Update Avast

Repair Avast through Control Panel:

• Right-click on Start icon and choose Apps & Features
• Ensure that Apps & Features is chosen in the left panel, and click on your Avast version
• Make sure that Apps & Features is chosen in the left panel and click on your Avast antivirus version and choose Uninstall
• If asked by the User Account Control dialog for permission and click on Yes
• When the Avast Setup wizard appears, then and click on repair
• Wait while setup repairs Avast antivirus on your computer
• When the repair is finished then, click on Done

Reinstall Avast:

• Uninstall your Avast current version using Avast Uninstall Utility for that,
• Restart your PC and make sure that there’s no Avast software folder is situated in
• When you get them, delete them and install Avast antivirus version and reboot your PC

When you are done with the above-given steps, then the error should now be fixed. If still the error code persists then, calling on Avast Error Helpline Number becomes the best way to get the exact resolution of this error code. Here, you will be assisted by the technical teams who are well-experienced and serve their best to fix the issue in the shortest time frame.