What is the fix for runtime error code 42059 on Avast antivirus?

Avast antivirus comes with a very easy user interface, the software is advanced and is updated regularly but still, it is kept very easy for the users to use and understand. But as it is software based on technologies therefore it is not possible to avoid technical glitches totally, they are sometimes seen struggling with procedures like installation, activation, and other such issues processes.

These above-given procedures can still be handled by the users somehow the main problem comes with the Avast error code related issues. In order to get an error code fixed the user needs to know everything about it such as the identifying process of the error code also the reasons and then only by following the right process, the user can get the error code resolved.

What is the fix for runtime error code 42059 on Avast antivirus?

Here we will discuss with the users' signs for the identification of the Avast runtime error code 42059 and also we will discuss the reasons along with the stepwise procedure.

Signs for identification of Avast runtime error code 42059:

• The error message would appear on the screen.
• A dialogue box may also appear on the screen.
• The internet connection speed may get affected.
• Some files may get deleted automatically.
• Some new files may appear automatically.

Reasons for which one may get to deal with the Avast runtime error code 42059:

• Incompatibility in the programs.
• Glitches in the design of the software.
• Infection in the system.

Resolution procedure for the Avast error code 42059 is as follows:

• All the programs conflicting Avast antivirus should be closed.
• The programs are to be updated and then reinstalled.
• The Avast antivirus software should be updated to the latest.
• The runtime libraries should be reinstalled.
• A disk clean up should be conducted.
• The graphics driver should be reinstalled.
• The browser should also be given a reset if in case it is the internet explorer in use.

After, following the above-given process if the user still faces problems and finds it difficult to get the fix then should reach out to the technical team at Avast Customer Support UK